You are my sunshine Maltese sunflower shirt

Most people chew on sunflower seeds to relieve stress like young baseball players who are still minors and aren’t allowed to chew the nasty (and unhealthy) chewing tobacco. Almost like smoking, it relieves stress because it gives the illusion that because you are putting so much work into chewing, that you are accomplishing something, or girding yourself up to accomplish something in the real, stressful task to which you are involved. The other part of tobacco, however, is the ‘buzz’ that it gives the user which they get hooked on.

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You are my sunshine Maltese sunflower shirt

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Sunflower seeds are at least salted to preserve freshness, but today there are a multitude of flavors that they are dipped in. Chewing on them extracts the flavoring out until it is gone. Only problem is that the fibers don’t compact well and spitting them out as a wad is messy and leaves a bunch of junk in your mouth. It actually sounds worse than you can make it by doing it as discreetly as you can. It is just that extracting the seeds is so time consuming that the seeds are chewed by some to get around having to extract the seeds from the shells.


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