The context of each name is interesting to me. On the one side, the animal seems to be feared. (Please understand that I have come to that conclusion based on numerous conversations and visits I’ve had with members of my tribe.) Interestingly enough, at least to me, one set of my grandparents received Dawes land allotments in east central Indian Territory. The land is river bottom land, heavily wooded in some areas, subjec to flooding. My Grandparents, my Dad and my aunts and uncle lived in a household with some night time rules that were a little difficult for me as a 20th and 21st Century man, until I saw the same family rules being enforced in areas where bigfoots seem to live and are active.

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Those rules included being in the house before sunset. After the children went to bed, they were not allowed to get up and wander the house. Neither thirst nor bathroom needs provided any exception to those rules. I have learned that some families who live in bigfoot areas still enforce the same rules. The reason for the rule prohibiting getting up at night seems to do with those who believe that at least some bigfoots target children.

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