I agree with you that I am claustrophobic as well and it gave Blackcraft Cult Leviathan shirt anxiety too. I couldn’t imagine an animal who couldn’t scream help or holler and say somebody get this off of me how he was feeling inside of there trying to figure out why all of a sudden he went blind all he wanted to do was get something to eat. Reading the caption it did say the people wanted to help him I just don’t think that they knew what to do to help him and at first, they thought it was funny most of the kids were laughing you know how kids are everything’s funny to them I think as they went on the parents realized he needed help but if you’re at the zoo how often do you just fine help right there?

Someone help that lion. Poor kitty a zookeeper should be watching them and jump in when trouble starts to happen Blackcraft Cult Leviathan shirt. Do we have to blame the bystanders unable to help the lion? Is it necessary for us to go free the lion where is, in the end, it will chew ur flash n break ur bone? Who put the hole on the side of the barrel should be the one to have to take it off. Everyone laughing about it should be in there while this happens, then let’s see how funny it is. Can’t stand stupid people! Those people laughing made me so mad. You wouldn’t be laughing if it was you. The poor guy was scared. So glad he was able to be freed. And glad his lion friends tried to help.

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