And my friend suggested that if I am able to finish one book of Ayn Rand and make any sense out of the writing, all this exercise would come to an end and I can continue the journey on my own. So he gave me the thinnest book of Ayn Rand hoping that I will dislike it – Anthem. Trust me, I loved the book. My friend took a test by discussing this book for almost next 10-12 days before accepting that I really loved the bookand I am in a position to go ahead on my own.

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And today I have a set pattern of reading, and a set of things I read week after week. Usually I read 50 books each year. And I write everyday, at least one article. Readingand Writing are not my job, but I believe I could have chosen these as my career. Alas, I am not so lucky. People have certain songs they can listen to which will make them feel calmer or more cheerful. I have book passages which do exactly the same thing for me: Wodehouse to feel more cheerful, for example.

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