I grew up with a male Captain Marvel, Captain America Hello Caps shirt in the Marvel Universe that we didn’t know up to now, and it was frankly an enjoyable movie. I ordered the movie on-line as soon as it became available – not something that I have done with all Marvel movies. To all the haters: If the movie was that bad, why as Captain Marvel II already been ordered? I’m glad I saw it. Won’t feel the need to see it again. It was good as an origin story for Coulson and Fury and Carol. There are a lot of female Marvel characters that would make much better film leads. Pick any of: Natasha Romanoff, Jessica Jones (LOVED that series!!!), Misty Knight (she was AMAZING in Luke Cage), Colleen Wing (best part of Iron Fist), Gamora (a Gamora and Nebula “buddy” film would ROCK!!), Wanda Maximoff, Hope Van Dyne.

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eck I would rather watch 2 hours Captain America Hello Caps shirt Carol Danvers movie starring Brie Larson. I was excited to see it as a springboard into Endgame, but I have no desire to see any further adventures of that character. Too overpowered and boring. Oh Steve Rogers you of all people should recognize a true hero and role model when you see them. It’s okay we all make mistakes like watching her movie. Nick Fury’s back story? Why didn’t they just put it in the film, ill never understand why they never explored nick Fury’s backstory and Carols backstory in Captain marvel The audience would of instantly wanted to route for the characters, This wasn’t Marvel studios Finest hour, Really hope The next film is better. Scarlet witch did more damage against Thanos than Captain Marvel. She didnt even serve much of a purpose.

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    Really fast delivery for a custom made tshirt and the end product was better than I thought it would be because of my photo quality.

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    Brilliant t shirt fantastic service got it in 2 days of ordering will definitely use this company again.

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    A slight issue with my order was fixed immediately. Fantastic Customer Service.

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