Nurses aren’t the enemy. Cat ain’t no tired like nurse tired shirt the patient until the doctor “arrives”. We are being pushed out for younger, cheaper, less experienced ones. Then more problems arise, and history repeats itself. Charge Nurses, used to be the most experienced, now they are the cheapest. That is backward thinking people. Get it together and open your eyes. One day, you may be the patient! See how you like your decisions have faired, then! Just saying.Stethoscope my father gave me after graduation… the same one he used for 25+ years as a paramedic, taking pts to the same ED I now work in. I always knew 2Pac was still alive. Can’t tell if I’m just tired from shift or this video was brilliant. Either way you made a lot of old nurses feel appreciated and new nurses excited for the future.

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Nice video overall. I’ve been a Cat ain’t no tired like nurse tired shirt, the groping comment was unnecessary and archaic! It was the complete opposite of the purpose of your video! Degrading!! Have to say I am extremely lucky to have more than adequate staffing in my unit. I have been blessed to work in 2 fantastic major institutions in my career that have treated nurses with extreme respect! Nurses rock! GlennandDebbie Capo my first duty station after hospital corps school was 29 Palms Marine Corps Base! Loved it. I’m a British Doc here in the US and see such diversity with in both health systems. Nurses no matter what are the back bone to any healthcare system. With out them we are nothing. What other profession would choose to work evening and night shifts, STAT holidays, every second weekend. take Call shifts, work overtime, work 12 hour shifts, no coffee and bathroom breaks? Nurses know going into the profession.

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