This would make me so happy The Daddylorian Daddy Baby Yoda shirt by T-shirtat. I would love to see you! Be sure to email me if you do end up purchasing a ticket so we can be sure and connect. And why does it seem like all of your events have to be out near the east or west coast and I’m right in the middle. What a blessing the attendees at this event will receive by having you speak. And I’m sure the blessings for you will be many many! I cannot think of a better speaker, Rachel. You are a Godsend to myself and so many others! As they continue to expand throughout North America and beyond, they’re committed to driving the dialogue for the next generation of women leaders.

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The Daddylorian Daddy Baby Yoda shirt by T-shirtat, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt



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No matter where I find myself, I try to walk outside for a bit. I find it funny/unusual that a directionally challenged person likes to do this. But when I’m on foot, I’m not afraid of getting lost. I’m more afraid of what I’ll lose if I don’t step out. ! I am so blessed to know you and be called your friend! Meetings are a safe space for all girls to share and gain perspective on common experiences that have the potential to make a permanent impact on their lives. The founder of Girl Talk believes there are no limits to a girl’s potential and strive to create an environment that inspires, motivates, and cultivates confidence.



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