When I was practising law and my client came in A dog’s love is infinite shirt by T-shirtat I would make a great show of putting down my notepad and putting down my pen and settling into a relaxed position in my chair and looking at them and saying Tell me why you are here. I wanted them to believe that my entire attention and focus was on them and that what they had to say was the most important thing in the world. I got so much more useful info than I would have gotten with a structured interview. This was a particularly useful practice with my women clients because women are so used to being not really listened to.

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As usual Rachel, the emotional A dog’s love is infinite shirt by T-shirtat of your words reaches across every boundary, border, or difference. What a beautiful and loving way to interact, reach, and ease other human beings. So grateful for you. This is a lovely idea. Lets all practice this simple action. Just ask the teller, the grocery clerk, the person in front of you.in line, the waitperson where you have breakfast or lunch. Think of the quiet happiness you will bring. At a time when the President, instead of attempting to help, says he wants to cancel aid to CA because of some nonsense about not doing proper forestry!


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