The wider Australian public has lost track of the saints days. I think that is due to the burgeoning multiculturalism in the country. It would be crazy to celebrate the national saint’s day for every country which has a patron saint. There would be a celebration just about every second or third day. Nonetheless St Patrick’s day does have something of a following, probably because most people here seen it as a day to go out boozing and behave badly. Excessive boozing and public misbehaviour are not “woke” or even regarded as politically socially correct, so the idea of St Patrick’s day isn’t very influential.

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We do see a lot of news coverage of the questionable celebrations in USA. Some people may be influenced by that but not many. As such, it’s pretty silly to talk about real atheists as if people are just pretending to not believe in gods. Seriously, it’s not a thing. The same can be said about Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day. We celebrate it largely without any thought of religion whatsoever. Whoever “St. Valentine” may or may not have been, these days the holiday is purely secular and revolves around giving flowers and cards and chocolate to those we love.

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