I love this show so much and the thought of Game of Thrones signature poster shirt sad because I think the writing could have been so much better this season and it should have been a full season of episodes. What is the damn hurry to end the best show ever made especially when the loyal fan base waited for 20 months for season 8! HBO blew it! They’re saying that the budget was so big that they had to cut the season short but since this is the biggest TV show in history I would think they could afford to add a couple more episodes so it wouldn’t feel so rushed and fewer mistakes will be made. I’m enjoying this season so far! Wish the season was longer so the pacing isn’t so rushed, but I’m still enjoying the show. Not to be the Debbie downer but this season has been extremely blah. It’s lacking something the other seasons had and it’s led to pretty disappointing Sunday’s.

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I guess I’m the only one just Game of Thrones signature poster shirt. I’m quite happy with this season. I don’t mind the pace. A lot of things need to be tied up in 6 episodes. Can’t wait for the last 2. It’s not about the pacing. It’s about characters’ arc developments that are thrown out of the window, logic abandoned, blatant errors and a drastic fall in quality. It’s not about the directors’ work, nematological this season has been really great so far darkness of ep3 aside and the actors have been doing some of their best work. It’s just the scrip that plainly sucks. And not because “it’s different from the books”. It’s because it’s just bad. In the opening, there is one big dragon and 3 smaller ones under it.

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