The short answer is yes. Two years is probably Girl Beelzebub Satan shirt pretty good estimate for how long life will be disrupted by Covid-19. As ever, history is our guide. And specifically, the 1918 Spanish influenza pandemic. Let me begin with a fairly banal, but important disclaimer: COVID-19 is NOT the flu. This is one of the biggest bits of misinformation floating around out there, so I want to be crystal clear that I’m not here to perpetuate it. That being said, there are numerous parallels between the pandemic of 1918 and the one we are in the midst of now. For one thing, the numbers are tracking 1918 in some eerie ways.

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The reason that so few people realize what is happening, Girl Beelzebub Satan shirt is that the main indicator for a COVID-19 pandemic is not what we currently see: decreasing numbers of infections in China, small outbreaks in Italy and South Korea. Instead, the main indicator for the upcoming worldwide outbreak is what we currently do _not_ see. What do we currently see? Outbreaks in Italy and South Korea. The interesting “coincidence” about these outbreaks is that both countries have a high-level health care system and a high level of preparedness for such an outbreak.

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