Uganda there were several cases of deaths of people suffering from African sleeping sickness as they used to sleep outside health camps and the hyenas would kill them during the night time. But the most ugliest case was seen in the Mzimba district of Agoniland where spotted hyenas would wait outside the huts of people and would attack them when they opened their doors. Even when it comes to hygiene, hyenas do not stand up to the mark, as mentioned earlier these animals are scavengers so they tend to have a lot of disease causing pathogens and deadly bacteria in their saliva so one good bite from them can surely cause a very nasty infection. Even hyenas are known to spread rabies.

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The hyenas possess a large pouch of skin on their anal openings, these are responsible for making a white creamy secretion known as Hyena butter which the hyena use for territorial marking . This hyena butter is one of the stinkiest and smelliest substance which can be even detected by a human standing several meters away. So in the end i would like to say even though the hyenas are very important and majestic animals of the wild but they stand a chance of being tamed or domesticated and thus hyenas should not be kept as pets3

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