Sending prayers for you and wish I could be there I’m a The Office aholic shirt by T-shirtat! You’re thoughts matter so much in this season of living and loving our children and all children! Your words always seem to come at exactly the right time. I love the story about Grace. I am caring for my 86-year-old mother with dementia, so I have inserted mom into that vernacular. It has had a very calming effect on me this morning. I’m both excited and nervous, as I know they need these children/teens have for support, advocacy, healthy communication and conflict resolution skills, a listening ear, a warm/gentle touch, a soft-spoken/encouraging word, etc!

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The excitement comes from knowing that I’m a The Office aholic shirt by T-shirtat a child’s/teen’s life just by BEing there when they are in my presence. The nervousness comes from not knowing quite how the position will look like, responsibility-wise, and hoping that we will be allocated more face to face time, as opposed as autocratic red tape. Either way, I will plant the seed of encouragement, compassion, worthiness, peace, and hope every time I have a young body come to me during the school day! Parents are sending us their best. It made teachers smile but also nod in recognition that kids are unique and special. All of them deserve our best efforts.

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