Still, depending on the industry, it may make sense to file a patent for the secret sauce or technology of your idea. Even if you talk about your idea, you may be able to bring over what it’s about without revealing all the ingredients. And this is true with telling other about your idea. If you have kept it so close to yourself, then it’s very likely that you have not gotten feedback yet on your idea, and that means your idea is still not good. Feedback also may help you make your idea better or give it a new, more marketable/viable/feasible spin. And lastly, if somebody can steal your idea ad execute better, then it’s your own fault. You have worried too much instead of using the head start advantage and execute on the idea. As for your question about the pitch deck, please refer to the attachment I have included in the previous email with the guidelines for the event. The pitch is a 2-minute elevator pitch that permits only you and your message, so no slide decks, visual aids or notes of any kind will be permitted.

The most valuable thing to budding music artist and their suppliers are resources. Necessity is locked away from new artists because they spend their days searching for gigs and real life collabs instead of making amazing projects. Hypetroop is the solution — a marketplace with that builds relationships and collaborations between music artists and suppliers in various genres. Hypetroop is a marketplaces for music artists and any anyone who can help an artist create projects. Hypetroop is unique from indirect competitors because there’s no collaboration platform that puts culture first on a genre by genre basis for gigs. This makes us uncloneable. Promotions, tutorials, and gamification will boost loyalty and retention. This solution was cocreated with 400 users in the last month who agreed to join Hypetroop as soon as it launches. Raised 2.5k of donations on a kickstarter campaign from our target market last year with 40 percent of users saying the would pay to use the platform.

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