Early in my life, I was shamed for my Legends are born in July shirt by T-shirtat animals by someone whose opinion I greatly respected. This experience impacted my life enough that I chose a career path I may have not chosen. Advocating for beautifully unique and often undervalued children (as well as their parents) was a fulfilling calling, but it didn’t produce the same peace I had when I was saving animals. So behind the scenes of my teaching mission, I continued my animal rescue mission. My animal-loving heart radar was always up, spotting creatures to help on a daily basis.

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While teaching special education Legends are born in July shirt by T-shirtat, saving animals was my quiet mission – and I honestly don’t think either approach was any less effective or any less worthy. Extending love, care, and support to a living, breathing being is always worthy. As I watch my growing daughters cultivate their own heart-led passions, I’m glad I’ve experienced both approaches to serving because there is a vast difference in the way my daughters advocate. My older daughter writes letters to Pricilla, the unsmiling child she selected out of an array of much cheerier children in need of a Compassion sponsor. I know, but I don’t want the words to come from someone else; I want them to come from me.

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