Unless you’re talking movies and TV shows. It’s not that LA doesn’t have theatres and museums. It’s just that Angelenos as a whole are much less concerned about going to a play than people in other cities might be. You also don’t see many Angelenos reading books on the subway, which may be because they don’t use it… but as far as well-read cities go, I would be very surprised if LA was at the top of any list. And no, scripts don’t count. It’s understandable that when the weather is 70 and sunny all the time, you would much rather spend your time playing beach volleyball instead of gazing at art indoors. That’s all great, but again, it’s something that contributes to the lack of culture in the city as a whole. A lot of things about LA that people don’t like are things that are inherent to the place. The weather is great, which is why studios started building here to shoot movies in natural sunlight, which has created the current Hollywood scene as we see today, which is obsessed with appearances.

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(So many plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills! And jackasses in Mercedes!) The lack of public transportation creates the divide between different people groups, as well as a subpar nightlife and nonexistence of a walkable city. So if the reasons you dislike LA are these fundamental reasons, the only thing you can do is to leave. Also, these are completely fair and valid reasons why you don’t like the place, so people who love LA, stop being so defensive and stop trying to convince everyone to like it as much as you do all the time. It’s not the end of the world if someone doesn’t like your city. Honestly, I’ve never lived in a city where people get so defensive about it like here. In New York, nobody would care if people didn’t like the city because it would just mean more room for them! And in London, people would just complain right along with you.

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