The symptoms of sleep deprivation get so bad that it looks like I am drunk, because I’ll have very little coordination, my speech will be slurred, I’ll keep collapsing into a pile of giggles and I’ll be incoherent at times. here are parts of me that are so sinister that I just don’t want to even acknowledge them. People will say that it’s an illness and that it wasn’t your fault but it still feels like it’s your fault. I did those things, illness or not. Well, I guess if your religious beliefs make your family look at you like you have two heads, then maybe it’s a good thing they disappear.

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My mind is my greatest asset, and the thought that it may not be functioning properly is a terrifying thought. It feels truly pathetic, but I force myself to put my ego to the side and continue treatment. As I’m entering a manic episode, I feel what I can only describe as pink static. It’s a beautiful feeling, really. I feel it surrounding me and enveloping me. I interact with it and I feel it flowing through me. All the while, I feel light, almost as if I’m gliding instead of walking. It’s just a shame that what follows is a horrible experience.

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