Texas Mexicans feel like they are above being Mexican. #Maga Mexicans always get across shirt remember where they came from. No real culture here in Texas. I grew up in Cali and live in Texas now. I moved here after my quince. I tried to start a Folklorico club in my old high school. I talked to the dance teacher who was also head of the “Hispanic club” and was white BTW, and she responded with, “we already do that once a year for Cinco the mayo”. I gave up after that. Best I could do now is keep my culture alive with my kids. The video is funny but it’s just that, it’s a funny video not to be taken seriously  I’m a Tejano, I have family in Arizona who can’t speak a word of Spanish I also have family in California who are all homies, not to mention other relatives who are of different shades, white, a few blacks.

#Maga Mexicans always get across shirt, sweater, hoodie, and v-neck t-shirt

#Maga Mexicans always get across Hoodie


#Maga Mexicans always get across Sweater


#Maga Mexicans always get across V-neck T-shirt

V-neck T-shirt

Best #Maga Mexicans always get across shirt.

And one Asian but never forget #Maga Mexicans always get across shirt, to different parts of the country and taste the cooking from my Latino brothers and sisters in that area. We all cook different and it is all good. Appreciate each other. Everyone is taking the video so literally. Obviously, it’s not meant to be serious, I thought it was cool even though I only see a few of the differences to be accurate not all. No need to get all offensive about it. California Mexicans? More like whitewashed Mexicans. Also Being from Cali or Texas doesn’t differentiate flour over corn tortillas or vice versa. I remember when I first moved to Texas from California. I’m born and raised from a Mexican family and those are not enchilada plus we Mexicans.

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    Got The T-shirt printed as I couldn’t find what I wanted online. Great quality, quick delivery, fits perfectly. I couldn’t ask for anything more!

  2. Jeff Kidd (verified owner)

    Excellent, great quality, perfect for an orange freak son. Many Thanks.

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  3. Biega (verified owner)

    It was so easy from designing the shirt to receiving it – highly recommend.

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