I think it’s realistic enough that it’s believable but close enough to the animated design that it’s the same exact concepts Morty the tiger and Rick the cowboys shirt. Also, the designer of these Pokemon that’s gonna be shown in the movie is the same artist who made the realistic Pokemon designs that went viral. Plus, they don’t really need to be stressed out on how they will fit the other Pokemons that looked too cartoony in the anime version. They just need to go with it and if it really doesn’t make sense, then who cares. That’s Pokemon. Yeah, it’ll be bad or even worse if they ever did some changes to these Pokemon designs so that they would look too realistic.. I think these designs are really good as hell.

I mean they don’t exactly have a choice Morty the tiger and Rick the cowboys shirt designs, how else are they gonna do it? It has to look realistic, and since Pokemon is animated, the new look is gonna be jarring. I don’t mind it though. Tear up? Yeah from the realization that my childhood everything is turning into another live-action bullshit remake. Shawn Wilson “For not real fans”? This live-action is about a spinoff of the game that only fans have played since almost nobody else knows it. Someone was clearly dropped on their head as a baby. Or maybe you just have a pathetic excuse for parents.

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