When our society becomes silent about those who do wrong, is a time when we have lost our sanity about morality and National Champions 2020 Wisconsin Badgers shirt. Thank you for your courage and sense of values! Good for them for addressing it/him to his face. What a disgusting excuse for a man. And shame on the people running the show for even allowing him into these events. Then get out of the fucking situation if she felt in danger. No one was attacking her. He was just sitting there not doing anything. Plus, we don’t even know what the real truth is yet so why are we even saying anything? Yet Cardi B is still running around and drugged all those men and no one is saying anything yet she is getting all these deals and appearing in movies.

Her excuse out of all this National Champions 2020 Wisconsin Badgers shirt. Amazingly, Weinstein didn’t get kicked out for being a sexual predator and the woman protesting did. It’s still a man’s world. No offense but money is always behind everything. Whether she had a voice or not. Some people let it happen to the cause of money and especially in that industry so fuck it. But none of them did what some of those other girls did and kill their rapist. They wanted lime high and money. They didn’t get it now they trying…

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