My husband and I were flying home from Germany and had a layover in Chicago. We were on the last leg of our honeymoon home to Dallas. There were storms that night and we were stuck on the tarmac for what seemed like an eternity in Chicago. Needless to say, I’ve never been so happy to step foot into DFW airport in my life! After my husband and I had our daughter, I never took her on a flight without food or entertainment and guess what? We never had a complaint and we always had compliments on what a good baby she was. My parents took him that morning and I was to meet them at the hospital after I left my job at lunch time.

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I arrive to see my then 16 year old son at the end of the hallway in a bed, legs up in the air and hes raising his upper body to look at me walking his way. He begins to bellow “mommy, that’s my mommy!” I begin to shhhh him as I am trying to stifle a giggle. My parents are giggling as well, I approach the bed and hear my dad talking to him, I absolutely loose it when my dad asks him if he IV Hurts, My son so seriously looks at my dad and he replied to him, no paw paw is doesn’t hurt, but your face is killing me.

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