First of all, you don’t need to take drugs to remember your dreams. There are several, simple things you can do to begin remembering your dreams. I have lead a few dream groups, and all of the members who claimed that they didn’t remember their dreams began to have vivid dream recall. The most important thing is that you form the intent. You must really want to remember your dreams. This might sound silly, but there is more complexity underneath the surface of this statement. Some people will say in passing that they want to remember their dreams, only to have a hidden or subconscious fear of what they will discover there. In other words, they subconsciously don’t want to remember, and there fore they subconsciously block the channel from the unconscious to the conscious mind. So genuinely wanting to remember them is the first step. The second step is to demonstrate this want.

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Hot Nurses We stay work for your you stay at home for us shirtDemonstrating the want sends a message to your unconscious that you really are serious about it. How do you demonstrate your want to remember your dreams? Do something like buy a special dream journal and place it next to your bed so that you are ready to write your dreams down upon waking. Go ahead and buy a special pen as well. Or, you could go to a dream analysis group, or start seeing a therapist who specializes in dream interpretation. Any physical act that indicates that you are serious about wanting to remember your dreams will send the message to your unconscious (or deeper self), opening up the channels of communication between the “dream world” and the waking world.

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