What if we all could type thing and talk so many different thoughts ideas and planning without getting up or even raising the Senior 2020 #quarantined shirt. What if we collided with our own universe, like past parts of the universe to collide with the present part of the universe, it could be a hole for time traveling. It could be that another one of these universes also collided with another universe and then is heading in the direction of our universe. There is no such thing as the multiverse. There are just two things; the observable universe and the one that could not be. The observable universe is as it is described as is that it has been observed for centuries as far as our telescopes, radio telescopes would have reached beyond the limits of the sights.

We the people on earth, the humans can encounter the 3D dimensional experience. But there are a lot of Senior 2020 #quarantined shirt by science (yet) and we people need a lot of time to understand. I immediately had two observations about this, albeit from an uneducated individual. First, I’ve wondered if parallel universes do exist, are they where our “spirits” go when we die and are they our de facto “heaven” and “hell”? Secondly, if other universes do exist I would suggest banning the use of cell phones while they are driving.

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