When I was in graduate school, I rented a bedroom in a shared house with 3 other women. When I signed the lease, I told the landlord I was married, but my husband lived in the next state, but would be visiting occassionally on weekends or I’d be driving to see him. No problem, I move in with the other 3 women, only one which had been living there previously. This original tenant turned out to be ultra-conservative & hosted prayer groups weekly in our shared living room. About a month after moving in, I return home & find a weird letter posted on our fridge from the landlord. It said that there was a curfew & that we weren’t allowed to have overnight Male “guests”. I laughed & asked one of the roommates if she knew anything about that. She had no idea, and when roommate #3 came home we checked with her as well.

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We all agreed that it was ridiculous & we had no intention of complying. After all, I was married, one woman was engaged & intended to spend time w him, & the other woman was actively dating. We were all in our mid-20′s and had been living independently for years. No way that the landlord’s rules could be enforced. Especially in a city notorious for its tenant rights. The 4th woman, miss bible-thumper, was holed up in her room, & rarely came out. We threw the letter away, but it showed up again posted on our fridge. We just threw it away a second time.

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