The correct answer to your question is yes. Pretty much every part of the body that you would be worried about exposing is exposed during heart surgery. Obviously, the chest needs to be exposed for the sternotomy. Usually, the drapes are placed wide of the nipples, because they are used as landmarks. For bypass surgery, the saphenous vein needs to be harvested, so the groin is exposed, and the legs are out too in case they need to go down that far to get usable vein. For valvular surgery, the groin still needs to be exposed in case we need access to the femoral vessels to go on bypass. The reproductive organs are covered with a blue towel after the foley catheter is placed, but the groins are left exposed. If the surgeon is doing a radial artery harvest, then the arm will be exposed as well. If not, then the arms are under the drapes. The head is exposed for induction of anesthesia and central line placement, then it’s under the drapes.

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