Close them to prevent a massive Sunflower never give up shirt. The school are notorious germ factories, to begin with. I think they should shut schools down now instead of waiting or risking it if it hits schools that when it will spread everywhere easily education isn’t more important than health smh.

Sunflower never give up shirt

The one where I’m Irish St. Patrick’s day shirt

Manchester United Legends signatures shirt

Gnome hug Captain Morgan Irish St. Patrick’s day shirt

The one where I’m a Redhead shirt

Algunos Abuelos Juegan Al Bingo Los Abuelos De Verdad Montan En Moto shirt

In case of accident my blood type is Carlton Football Club shirt

Gnome hug Miller Lite Irish St. Patrick’s day shirt

Live colorfully or dye trying shirt

Happy St Cat Tricks day Irish St. Patrick’s day shirt

Dr Seuss I’ll back the Blue here or there or everywhere shirt

Lucky girl life is good Irish St. Patrick’s day shirt

The Rolling Stones 58th anniversary 1962 – 2020 signatures shirt

I might be the black sheep of the family but when shit gets real I’m the one you call shirt

Gnome hug Jack Daniel’s Irish St. Patrick’s day shirt

Gnome hug Coors Light Irish St. Patrick’s day shirt

Baseball I throw like a girl you might want to back up shirt

God made us bestfriends because he knew our moms couldn’t handle us as sisters shirt

Fast and Furious 19 years of 2001 – 2020 thank you for the memories signatures shirt

I don’t feel very confident right now Sunflower never give up shirt. So guess we wait until more people end up in hospital dying like the guy who’s down the street from me now. Or people start dropping on the streets like China, Korea, Iran, Italy. A 99-degree temp should be considered a fever and the child kept home. 3/5 of my family members tested positive for the flu with 99-degree fevers that lasted 7 days.
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