My worse flight was into Erie and we skidded I survived King’s landing shirt into or out of Charleston WV. They cut off the mountain top, you just prayed that you stopped before running off another side. The sideway gliding it is intentional it’s called something like “Ridding the wind”, the plan is to hit the rudder close to the ground almost in the last moment before touching to put the plane on the straight path very enjoyable for the pilots. the problems appear when the wind changes it’s direction when the plane is very close to runaway and most pilots decide to go around every plane in this video was 100% under control but that was a rough touch and go nevertheless. I also used to help him with all of his FAA proficiency training before he would have his exams, so, I know more about it than the average person.

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But, the cool part was that I survived King’s landing shirt once with him and ‘fly’ a 737 simulator. It was better than any amusement park ride! Hats off to the pilots they care for their passenger’s safety as much as possible a round of applause for them. And THIS is what pilots continually train for. Be damn glad that the flight crew was very attentive and actually able to wave off the landing. I was married to an airline pilot and they take their job VERY Seriously. I have been on a plane was the pilot slammed on the breaks to stop. I don’t know if that’s scarier than the plane just dropping with no warning. I’m a white knuckle flyer myself. So if this happened to me I would be so thankful we all were OK. However, I probably wouldn’t fly in a long time.

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