There is a reason that Joshua’s team has been lowballing Wilder for over a year. They know very well what is likely to happen to their cash cow in a fight between the two. A fight between Joshua and Wilder would come down to who nailed who first, and whose chin is the best. Joshua has a tendency to wade in and exchange and that would doom him against Wilder. Wilder throws a much. This was one of the best fight ever. So dramatic. The crowd were going insane. The guy next to me was at Hagler Hearn’s and said this was a better fight.

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Then there were the knockdowns. The first want that bad and Fury came back quickly. But the second was two massive shots. Fury was out. There was nobody in the stadium thought he would be standing for a week. But that tough mofo got up and fought back. He didn’t just run it try to hold he fought back. It was insanely brave and dramatic. Huge huge credit to Fury. The guy has serious whiskers and the heart of a lion. For Wilder to carry that power into the twelfth and Fury to survive that power was just insane.

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