When I was virgin and had never seen a dick physically before except porn videos. I was dating this guy and I went over to his house. We were lying down on his bed talking then he started romancing me. I was on top of him so I felt something get hard under me. It was hard like a stone and felt so uncomfortable. Then he unzip his pants and I saw the strangest thing I had ever seen. It was black and it looked like a baby mouse to me so I panicked but he held me tight. As if that wasn’t enough, I saw him wet his pants which shocked me because he was matured enough to excuse himself to the washroom if he wanted to pee.

There’s someone in My head but it’s not Me shirt

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It was so grossed and i immediately told him I had to go. Went home and told my younger sister about it and we literally laughed so hard about how the guy was a baby. But the bed was heated so it was very comfortable and I dozed off during the massage. That never, ever happens to me. I’m always thinking along with the therapist because I am one myself. She was so relaxing, and the cool/hot combination put me to sleep.

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