Something woke me up, I wasn’t sure what, then I felt something hit me and land in the floor. I saw it. It was a Scrabble piece. The first thing that came to mind was my surprise that they had Scrabble in there! The second was that whoever just woke me up is going to get an education in waking folks. I stood up stretched, and I see this tatted up punk ass motherfucker sneering at me. I did a quick straight kick without saying a word. The heel of my shower shoe caught him under the chin and snapped his neck back rather violently. He was out cold. He slithered off the picnic table like melted butter.

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A couple people started beating on the door until a CO opened it. They pointed to the guy still on the ground, the CO and another who came with him, drug the guy out and closed the door. The Black guys were going bananas. I went back to sleep. No one else woke me up until I rolled up. I was only in for a couple days that time. I got some really good photos of her after all. But I regret to say that the Feds confiscated them when I was raided. There was absolutely nothing pornographic about any of the photos they took from me and never returned. Thus, you don’t get to see them. I apologize on their behalf.





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