It’s a packing list slid into a luggage tag You had me at zug zug shirt by T-shirtat. Really helped them get independent with packing! I’m working on letting them do more with recipes and not taking over not doing the measuring myself, the pouring myself. Thank you, I started doing with our diaper bag 12 years ago because I always seemed to forget something! Then when my third baby was born, I needed my older two to start doing a little more on their own, so I made some for them. I agree it’s good to try to be hands-off, but if you’re a mom that tends to do things for your child please don’t beat yourself up over that either!

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You had me at zug zug shirt by T-shirtat, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt

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We put cookie sprinkles on ours You had me at zug zug shirt by T-shirtat. Sprinkles make everything special! My mom did everything for me for the longest time. Eventually, I pushed back and became a very independent and capable person! So don’t waste a moment being hard on yourself over how you should or shouldn’t be parenting and just go with it! I want to do it for them to show I care. But that philosophy is about to turn one loose in college that literally has no clue how to do 90% of the things she needs to do. Now that’s just the most precious sight I have laid my eyes on in a while. Love him! I would totally eat anything he makes.



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