He is finally ready, and we go back. We follow the hot stripper back and he’s trying to get all freaky deaky and asks me to kiss my friend. Awkward and hell to the the nawl. I saw a cum stain on the curtain next to us and told him how about you lick that? He grabs the curtain and licks the cum stain. I am glad I finished my dinner because I had no appetite after seeing that and even my friend was disgusted and didn’t say anything.

He starts asking if we can make out now and I said we have to use the bathroom and he says waves us on and we go to the table and try to take advantage of the drinks. He is still back there at the time and we are waiting on our Uber, cause after that we called it a night. The Police Officer was a nude, bloody and excoriated mess, and I was soaked from abdomen down despite wearing a waterproof gown, once we were done (my Dansko clogs are impermeable, and I had used a pair of hospital socks in the shower and borrowed scrubs from surgery to change into knowing this would be the outcome

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