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It was a huge elaborate scheme to deceive Canada immigration and he, for whatever reason that ran through his tiny mind, sneered at L whom he deemed as not eligible to migrate anywhere. His smirk vanished when she innocently told him that her family migrated to Canada years ago and they were always asking her […]

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I watch each and every episode of his show and love his way of storytelling. He’s really an extraordinary personality. I do very much doubt his death as a suicide. It could be a well-planned assassination. He cared about others and it’s a disgrace that he took his own life. With all the resources in […]

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Parents should be diligent in knowing how well their kids are doing in school. They need to set boundaries so that the home is a distraction-free environment for homework. Parents can challenge their kids with additional assignments if they feel that the teachers aren’t pushing the kids enough. I didn’t realize she was working on […]